IVF Treatment Cost in India

The cost of IVF treatment depends on several factors including the complexity of the couple’s case, utilization of donated sperms, the experience of the fertility doctor, eggs, or embryos. Moreover, the cost of IVF also increases with additional treatments like ICSI treatment and Assisted hatching procedure.

Equitable Results

Imprimis IVF offers fair treatment prices along with consultation and suggestions from world-class doctors which makes the whole scenario transparent with no hidden charges for anything.

Importance of Survey

The prices for any fertility treatment at Imprimis IVF are calculated by taking into consideration the market price of that particular treatment at various fertility centers and hospitals located at different locations in different cities.

Affordable Treatment

Absolutely the IVF treatment costs are revised and updated so that couples with different budgets can also get the opportunity to become parents.

IVF Cost in India

IVF cost in India varies from 106100 to 230000 depending upon the doctor’s experience and the location of the clinic. Different locations might ask different amounts of money as per the services provided along with how much experienced the doctor is.

Know the Reason on which IVF Cost in India Depends

Some of the major reason for IVF cost in India are:

-Doctor’s Experience

-Complexity in Couple’s Case

-Utilization of Donated Sperms, Eggs, or Embryos

Apart from all this, the success rate of IVF in India is 70% which states that parenthood is no more a dream for infertile couples longing to have a child.

Why IVF in India Varies with Different Types of Treatments

The cost of IVF Treatment in India may vary according to the level of medication involved, medical intervention in it, and it is also dependent on the doctor’s past record, patients experience, and success rate. Moreover, the kind of service and facilities offered at the time of procedure and the cost of medications recommended to the patients are some of the major driving factors when it comes to IVF cost.

Apart from its standard for which is the Normal IVF cycle; it is further classified into Natural and Minimal. This classification is all about the different methodologies followed in each case.

Natural IVF Cycle

No injections involved in ovarian stimulation, only oral medicines are administered to the patient.

Minimal IVF Cycle

Doctors in this particular case can use a few injections if needed just to induce ovulation. However, the number of injections may not be as high as the normal IVF cycle, and hence it is another low budget treatment that is decided by doctors after considering its validity in a particular case.

Normal IVF Cycle: It is the standard IVF cycle that takes the due course of treatment with a complete set of injections along with the rest of the In-vitro Fertilization process where sperms are allowed to fuse with female eggs in the laboratory under the suited conditions.